Return policy 

How can I return a product?

Very simple, by following the instructions below.


Return Policy

We don't fuss about returning a product. The only conditions are;

  • the product is not used
  • you have returned the product within 14 days after receiving it. This is determined by the date of the postmark.



Please send your product postage and provide (a copy of) your order or a note with your name and order number back to:

Kenko Retro & Design VOF

Vossiusstraat 55

3314 BV Dordrecht, NL


And next?

Upon receipt of your return you will receive a message.

After receiving & control of the product we will deposit the amount back to your account within 10 working days. 

We always deposit back to the account which you have used to transfer the money.

Non prepaid consignments will be calculated!

If you return a product which is not  sufficiently paid for, there will be charged a penalty on the amount of your refund. PostNL charges a penalty port, excluding the default port.

Returned items that don’t meet the conditions

We will take the product in again, but we reserve the right to charge you for the extra costs or we could simply refuse the product in the return process. Of course, you will first get a message from us before we do so. The products can be returned to you after you have transferred the excact shipping cost. In case you do not need that product anymore we will send it to charity. When a product is returned which does not meet the conditions (specks, stains or damaged) it will not be processed as a return and we will contact you.



Defect products on arrival.

We are very careful with our products and we will check and re-check the item(s) when packing for shipment. If we have missed something or when the product is damaged during sending, we recommend you to inform us as soon as possible by email. If you’re not letting us know and there’s also no mention of a defect at arrival (write it on the order), we can no longer verify if the defect was  by our error or by shipment. From the moment you have received a product, the responsible (legally) is with you. Unless you let us know as soon as possible. We therefore ask you to check your order carefully. Just at a glance:

  • Reporting a defect at unpacking/arrival should be done in advance by email.
  • Wait for our instructions before you return.
  • If we ask you to send the item back, your shipping cost will of course be refunded.
  • Defective items: please contact us as soon as possible.


Loosing your return

If your return is lost during shipment it will be for your own risk until the moment it has arrived at our place. 

Do you have a return and you are slightly late?

Of course there can always happen something which makes it difficult to meet the return period of 14 days. We understand. Please always get in touch with us by email, so we can take a look at things. Shipments which are returned to us without details will be refused. I we hear afterwards why it was send and what was going on will still get refused.

14 days return policy

You can simply return items within 14 days of receipt. This doesn’t mean that you should take this 14 days as a try-out. You can only return a product as stated in the conditions above.

In a nutshell

  • The cost of returning a product are for the costumers own account.
  • We do not charge to process returns.
  • With a return the value of the product and the shipping costs will be refunded. However, the shipping costs are only refundable if you will return the entire order. You won't get a refund when you have desided to keep some of the items or when things seem to be incomplete.
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