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Retro tin Koopmans anno 1846

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Retro tin Koopmans anno 1846.

  • Manufacturer: Koopmans Koninklijke meelfabrieken

Rectangular high tin box for Koopmans, anno 1846. This tin is provided with a loose lid. The decoration of this beautiful tin consists of a brown background with the Koopmans brand name on the lid and the year 1846.

On all four sides in a passe partout with orange border, there are two different images in which cake and apple pie play the leading role.

On one image you can see a picnic with a woman and a man. A cornfield with mill as background. Furthermore a plaid with a bread basket on it. The man already has a piece of apple pie, while the woman is just cutting a piece.

On the other image we see a homely scene at the dining table where a man and a woman are ready to drink a cup of tea. This includes a homemade Koopmans cake.

The entire tin has a beautiful crackle-like finish.

This tin is in good condition with normal traces of use and age-related traces of wear.


  • Height: 17.5 cm.
  • Length: 12.3 cm.
  • Width: 8.3 cm.

Koopmans Koninklijke Meelfabrieken
Koopmans Koninklijke Meelfabrieken is a flour factory in Leeuwarden (NL) whose history dates back to 1846.

In 1846 Uilke Klazes Koopmans, who was a baker's companion with his father, decided to start independently, partly in view of his upcoming marriage to Trijntje Jans Biersma. He bought a Horse mill in Holwerd to bump and grind buckwheat. This was grown a lot in Friesland and also used a lot in pancakes and grits. Due to the steady pace of horses, mills were very suitable for this work. In 1856 he also tried to grind wheat, but his mill proved unsuitable for this.

Production increased, so the buckwheat had to be supplied from outside Friesland. Larger ships, however, could not reach Holwerd and the raw material had to be skipped. This was the reason why Uilke settled in Leeuwarden. From now on, grain was also imported from America and the Baltic states. In 1867 the Steam Flour Factory was taken over from Hein Blok Wybrandi, a merchant in Leeuwarden. However, the steam engine, with a capacity of 2 hp (1.5 kW), proved insufficient and had to be replaced.

In 1881 the company was taken over by son Jan Koopmans.

The next generation consisted of the three brothers Uco, Daan and Jo Koopmans. The company started to diversify and there was also a consumer division that supplied pancake mixes, among other things.

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Country of origin
The Netherlands - Holland

Kind of object
Storage tin for baking flour from Koopmans

Cake - apple pie - tin - Koopmans - tea - picnic

Vintage tins

Brown - multicolor

Koopmans Koninklijke Meelfabrieken


Tin - metal

Loose lid

Good condition

17,50 cm

12,30 cm

8,30 cm

Shipping method
Parcel post with track & trace

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