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Vintage Pisang Ambon plastic Ice bucket

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Pisang Ambon Ice bucket. 

Bright green plastic ice bucket by Pisang Ambon. Three-piece set; bucket, lid and strainer. Handy for cooling cans or for decoration in the vintage kitchen. Dated: '70s / '80s. 

Neat vintage condition. 

  • Height: 17 cm. 
  • Length 19.5 cm. 
  • Width: 19.5 cm. 

Pisang Ambon. 

Pisang Ambon is a brand of Dutch liqueur. It has a dominating banana flavour, with additional tropical fruit nuances, and a bright green colour. It is based on the recipe of an old Indonesian liqueur. Pisang means banana in Malay/Indonesian. Ambon is the name of an Indonesian island which was once a Dutch colony. Pisang Ambon is the Indonesian name for the Gros Michel banana cultivar. 

Recently a purple version has been released, called Pisang Ambon Guaraná Lime. This liqueur is usually mixed with cola. The original liqueur is usually mixed with orange juice. 


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