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Vintage wooden handmade and painted footstool/stove, model Hindeloopen

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Vintage wooden handmade and painted footstool/stove, model Hindeloopen.

Beautiful wooden hand-painted oval green footstool/stove with Hindeloopen painting pattern. Model with metal handle.

  • Height: 17.2 cm. (with handle 30.7 cm.)
  • Length: 28 cm.
  • Width: 19 cm.

A footstool consists of a wooden box, which is open on one side, with holes at the top. A test of earthenware or metal was placed in the stove and in which glowing coals had been laid. The feet were placed on the stove so that they became warm. By putting a blanket or clothing over the legs and stove, the heat was retained and the lower legs were also heated. With some Dutch churches it was possible to rent a footstool for the duration of the church.

A stove is not used very often these days, and as a result less and less common.

Test is an old-fashioned name for bowl or dish, usually made from earthenware. Known among other things are beer, flower, fruit, milk, cream, colander, washing and fire tests.

A fire test often had the shape of a square bowl or saucer with paws and a handle. This allowed safer use of burning coal to move it elsewhere for providing heat. For example, such a bowl was placed in a footstool in the winter, after which it was possible to warm the legs in combination with long skirts or a blanket.

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