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Vintage tea tin in red, green, gold and black with oriental images

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Vintage tea tin in red, green, gold and black with oriental images.

  • Producer: English
  • Manufacturing date: 1990s

Rectangular tin with scalloped shape and with a separate lid. The decoration of the tin consists of a mainly red background with gold, black and green details. The lid is decorated with oriental images, such as an old wise seated man and a child offering him food. Furthermore, two women in kimono, each with a fan in their hand. Two trees / shrubs with blossom and a folding screen.

On the sides images of swans in bird's eye view and blossom-bearing trees / shrubs. Gold-coloured interior. The tin is in a neat vintage condition.

This tea storage tin is in good vintage condition with normal traces of use and age-related traces of wear. Pictures are part of description.


  • Height: 7.3 cm.
  • Length: 21.5 cm.
  • Width: 15.4 cm.

Tea is a hot drink made by infusing the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis tea plant. All products sold as tea that do not come from this plant (for example chamomile tea or rooibos) are therefore not real tea but herbal tea.

The name tea probably comes from the Chinese dialect Minnanyu. Thousands of years ago tea was already consumed there. According to a Chinese legend, Shennong discovered 5000 years BC. tea in a forest. Leaves from a tea bush swirled in a pan of hot water, after which the whole thing started to spread a pleasant scent.

Tea consists mainly of water. The composition of that water is therefore important. The TVS or total solids contained in that water influences the dissolving power of the water and the amount of tea needed to achieve the same result. The water will therefore largely determine the taste and appearance, and thus the appreciation.

Recommended for tea is the use of low-mineral water. Due to the joint presence of lime and bicarbonate in water, a layer of minerals can be observed floating on the tea.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, tea drinking is usually not given special attention, although in the Netherlands the image of the mother making a cup of tea with a biscuit in the afternoon for the children who come from school is a very traditional image. In addition, from the end of the twentieth century, a Dutch variant of the "high-tea" has been on the rise, tea with all kinds of delicacies.

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Country of origin

Kind of object
Tea tin - storage tin for tea

Tea - Store - Oriental

Birds - swans - blossom - oriental man - oriental woman - child - kimono - folding screen

Vintage tins

Red - black - gold - green



Tin - metal - paint

Loose lid


Good vintage condition

7,30 cm

21,50 cm

15,40 cm

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Parcel post with track & trace

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