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​Shogun, vintage boardgame by Ravensburger from 1979

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Shogun, vintage boardgame by Ravensburger from 1979. 

  • Publisher: Ravensburger
  • Author (s): Teruo Matsomuto
  • Year of issue: 1979

The number on each piece automatically changes!

Game description
Whoever can beat the opponent's Shogun wins the game. The game pieces are designed in such a way that they automatically show a different number with each move. 8 red and 8 white stones face each other, each with a number in a cut-out window. This number indicates how many squares the stone can move. A great game for two people.

The name of the game comes from Japanese meaning 'leader of the army'. from the middle ages up to the nineteenth century, the Shogun was the emperor's military general, the dominant figure in the government of Japan, more powerful even than the emperor.


  • 1 board
  • 7 white and 7 red pieces
  • 1 white and 1 red Shogun-plating piece
  • 1 manual with gaming rules (German, French, Italian, English, Dutch)

The aim in the game in Shogun is either to capture the opponent's leading man, his Shogun or so to defeat him that he is left with only his Shogun and one other piece on the board.

Players should aim to attack their opponent's pieces while defending their own, that is, they try to capture 'enemy' pieces while not leaving their own undefended.

Both in the Netherlands and in Germany in 1979 awarded with the title "Game of the year".

This Ravensburger board game is in a very good vintage condition. Light traces of use and age-related traces of wear present on the box.

Size box

  • Height: 5 cm.
  • Length: 30 cm.
  • Width: 43 cm.

Ravensburger AG is a German game and toy company and market leader in the European jigsaw puzzle market.

The company was founded by Otto Robert Maier with seat in Ravensburg, a town in Upper Swabia in southern Germany. He began publishing in 1883 with his first author contract. He started publishing instruction folders for craftsmen and architects, which soon acquired him a solid financial basis. His first board game appeared in 1884, named "Journey around the world".

At the turn of the 20th century, his product line broadened to include picture books, books, children’s activity books, Art Instruction manuals, non-fiction books, and reference books as well as children’s games, Happy Families and activity kits. In 1900, the Ravensburger blue triangle trademark was registered with the Imperial Patent office. As of 1912, many board and activity games had an export version that was distributed to Western Europe, the countries of the Danube Monarchy as well as Russia.

Before the First World War, Ravensburger had around 800 products. The publishing house was damaged during the Second World War and continued to produce games in the years of the reconstruction. The company focused on children's games and books and specialized books for art, architecture and hobbies, and from 1962 grew strongly. The company started to produce jigsaw puzzle games in 1964, and in the same year opened subsidiaries in Austria, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In 1977 the company split into a book publishing arm and a game publishing arm.

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Country of origin

Kind of object

Board game - tactics - Shogun - Ravensburger

Vintage games

Red - white - black

Number of players
Suitable for 2 players

From 8 to 99 years old

Easy - simple

Language of game rules
Dutch - French

Game time
16 minutes to 45 minutes

Teruo Matsomuto


Ravensburger games

Teruo Matsomuto


Cardboard - paper - plastic

Manuel in Dutch and French


Good vintage condition

5,00 cm

43,00 cm

30,00 cm

Complete - 1 game board 7 white and 7 red playing stones 1 white and a red Shogun stone 1 booklet with game rules

Shipping method
Parcel post with track & trace

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